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Archive for March 2015

Peace of Mind, Courtesy of Managed Services

It is awe-inspiring to watch a child interact with a smartphone or a tablet. It is simply incredible to think about the fact that children born today only know a world in which massively powerful computing devices are not only ubiquitous, but can be held in their hands. For the rest of us, transitioning from…

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Four Ways to Use Managed Services to be More Productive

One of my favorite clients has been in business for almost 30 years. When he first started his business, personal computers were still firmly relegated to hobbyists and computer science whizzes at MIT and elsewhere. It would be an understatement to say that the computing revolution has changed the way this client has conducted his…

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Managed Services Cost a Lot Less Than You Think

I was speaking with one business owner in depth, I began to understand why many business owners are reluctant to start implement a managed service solution. This particular business owner was spending about $1500 per month on IT, and had significant reservations about spending more than that for a managed service solution. I spent some…

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Office365 & Cloud Migration

I have had several of my friends and clients ask me about “The Cloud”. It seems that most of them have at least a vague idea of what cloud services consist of, but fail to really understand the advantages. A smaller number of them believe that the primary benefit of cloud services is the fact…

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