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Archive for March 2016

Office 365 Connectors:What You Need to Know

In November 2015, Microsoft gave the world a glimpse of Office 365 Connectors at the the Connect() 2015 developer conference. The utility was in limited preview for a while, and then only available for early release adopters. Just last week, however, Microsoft officially opened Office 365 Connectors to all users which means that you can access it…

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Is your firewall strong enough?

A network breach can cost your business as much as $5 million. Too many business owners think that a firewall offers adequate protection from would-be cyber criminals, and are stunned to find out, too late, that it does not. If the loss of $5 million would derail your business and your sanity, then you need…

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Planning for disaster recovery

As many as 70 percent of businesses that suffer from a natural disaster will go out of business within a year of the event, and only 6 percent of those businesses are able to survive in the long term, Aberdeen reported in 2013. For companies of all sizes and industries, this unfortunately means that you…

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