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Cloud Services

Office 365 Vulnerabilities & How to Stay Safe

Earlier this year, technology researchers exposed a vulnerability in the way that Office 365 handled federated identities with SAML. This security flaw left hackers with ready access to user accounts and data. As a result, Office 365 users, including major companies such as British Airways, Vodafone, and Verizon, were left at the mercy of attackers. While Microsoft was…

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How Microsoft Is Making the Cloud Even Safer for Business

During the early 2000s, I had to hear from a shocking amount of people about how Apple’s desktop operating system, OSX, was “safer and more secure” than Windows. While my response that one of the biggest reasons nobody tried to hack OSX was because hardly anyone actually used it typically fell on deaf ears, there was nevertheless…

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Using Third Party Cloud Services in Conjunction with Windows

One of the great and longstanding advantages of working within the Windows ecosystem is that developers often make their desktop software first and foremost. While this was particularly true in the pre-iPhone days, it remains true today – at least as far as desktop and laptop operating systems are concerned. While Microsoft is clearly a…

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