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Window 10

Integrating the new Microsoft Surface into your Business Ecosystem

It’s been a great year for technology buffs like myself. Virtual reality and augmented reality devices are beginning to look like they might have actual consumer and even commercial applications. Microsoft launched a much-needed and overall impressive new operating system in Windows 10, and Apple saw some real chinks in its armor with the lukewarm reception of it’s much-hyped Apple Watch.…

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Making the Transition to Windows 10 as Simple as Possible

After a great deal of rumors, speculation, and fanfare, Windows 10 is finally available to the general public. I’ve talked about the significance of this release – not only for Microsoft, but also for the computer market overall – on more than one occasion I think it’s fair to say that the significance is well established.  …

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Microsoft Is Leaving Nothing to Chance With the Windows 10 Rollout

If you’ve been following Microsoft news over the past year or so (this blog included), then you are well aware of the fact that the much-lauded and highly anticipated Windows 10 is only weeks away from launching. A little over a month ago, Windows announced that it would be releasing the official version of Windows…

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Microsoft Edge: The new (and secure) way to browse the Internet

Do you remember how exciting it was when Internet Explorer was released back in 1995? I do, and it’s certainly amusing to think how excited we were for the “Microsoft browser.” I also remember when Microsoft’s Internet Explorer became the dominant browser in the late 1990s. Back then, it seemed as though Microsoft’s dominance of the…

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Everything You Need to Know About Windows 10

As a longtime supporter (and user) of Microsoft, I’m glad to see that the company is starting to really adapt and thrive in the new era of operating systems and mobile computing. Although the ill-fated Windows Phone continues to struggle against the juggernauts of Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone, the Windows operating system is seeing…

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