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Managing your business network starts by selecting the right IT provider

Last Line Solutions, Inc works with you to ensure your business experiences reliable infrastructure and increased employee productivity by minimizing downtime. Our methodology is to ensure that your technology strategy aligns with your overall business strategy.


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Resolve IT issues before they happen

The old IT services model is to pay for break-fix tech support. While it seems logical to wait for something to break before you pay to fix it, the reality is that it is more cost effective for companies to have a Managed Services Contract. Here is why:

At Last Line Solutions we focus on resolving IT issues before they occur. When the unforeseeable does occur, we are standing by ready to provide the most efficient and seamless recovery for your systems' functionality. The steady, unwavering cost of a monthly fee over a short span of time will quickly prove more economical and productive.


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Take the guesswork out of building or growing your business

From relocation, network cabling, and setting up VOIP systems to virtual desktops and Office 365, our 20+ years of experience will ensure that everything is done right. We keep up with all of the current standards for network implementation, and our technicians are proficient in handling all types of cabling needs.

With our cloud services you gain accessibility, security, and redundancy for all of your most critical files and information, and we can assist in the seamless transition of your organization to the cloud.


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Don't wait for disaster to strike to prepare your business

A disaster recovery plan is a ‘must have’ for any business that expects to remain consistently operational. Our Disaster Recovery Solutions help you carefully prepare a reliable plan using the software and appliances best suited to your company’s requirements.

Last Line Solutions’ focus is to recognize a problem before it occurs and prepare your system for any foreseeable problems. But when the unforeseeable does happen, we have the tools in place and the technicians on hand to resolve the issue as efficiently as possible.


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