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Are Data Breaches the New Cost of Doing Business?

As of June 28, 2016, 500 data breaches took place, with more than 12,700,000 records exposed, notes the Identity Theft Resource Center. Data breaches have become so commonplace that business attitudes toward them have shifted. Increasingly, large corporations see data breaches as just a “cost of doing business” that need to be dealt with quickly…

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Office 365 Vulnerabilities & How to Stay Safe

Earlier this year, technology researchers exposed a vulnerability in the way that Office 365 handled federated identities with SAML. This security flaw left hackers with ready access to user accounts and data. As a result, Office 365 users, including major companies such as British Airways, Vodafone, and Verizon, were left at the mercy of attackers. While Microsoft was…

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Securing Your Digital Work Environment

It’s pretty incredible to think about how much sensitive material I keep on my personal devices and home network. In the wrong hands, that information could be used to drain my bank account, learn about my family’s medical history, and countless other problems I’d rather not need to deal with. Of course, all of that…

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