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Reliable cloud solutions enable the success of your business, offering organizations large and small a solid foundation to support their future growth. Our experts can step in to assist your business with any aspect of your cloud services, from design to migration to ongoing maintenance.

Why You Need Better Cloud Solutions

  • Tired of dealing with expensive long-term hardware or software contracts, or a system that is not accessible when you need it most? The cloud solutions designed by the experts at Last Line Solutions offer the flexibility, security, and reliability you need to grow your business.

  • With the cloud, you’ll never be locked into inflexible contracts that don’t work for your needs or be forced to make costly up-front investments in hardware that will be obsolete in less than five years.

  • Instead, work with our experts to design a custom cloud solution that offers your employees the flexibility to work hybrid or remote, with 24/7 secure access to all the files and programs they need.

  • Our cloud expertise allows us to design agile cloud solutions that can quickly scale up or down to match your needs, saving you both time and money. Plus, with security baked into every layer of your cloud solution, you’ll never have to worry about intruders.

Why You Need Better Cloud Solutions

Explore the following cloud services that help keep your business running smoothly:

  • Virtual Desktop
  • Office 365
  • Hosted VOIP Phone Systems
  • Desktop as a Service

Any cloud strategy designed by Last Line Solutions is completely customized to the ongoing needs of your company. From design to execution, we work closely with you to ensure that your new service reflects both the current and future priorities of your business.

Explore the following cloud services that help keep your business running smoothly:


  • Virtual Desktop - A hosted virtual desktop guarantees the accessibility, security, and redundancy of all your most critical files and information. With our software, you are guaranteed reliable access to your business computing environment from any internet-connected device throughout the world, with security that never jeopardizes performance.

  • Office 365 - Investing in Microsoft Office 365 allows your business to access all the familiar Office tools, like email, conferencing, and so much more. We are partnered with Microsoft and are an authorized reseller of Microsoft Office 365. This partnership allows us to assist you with the seamless migration of your office data and programs to the cloud.

  • Hosted VOIP Phone Systems - Avoid the costs associated with managing and maintaining a PBX with our hosted voice service. This custom designed hosted VOIP solution delivers more functionality than traditional phone services, allowing your business to streamline communication and improve customer service.

  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS) - Instead of creating your own backend infrastructure, desktop as a service allows you to deploy secure individual desktops for your team at will. This simplifies work for your internal IT team, taking away time-consuming setup and maintenance tasks. It also allows your company to opt for a flexible bring-your-own-device policy, giving employees more freedom and streamlining hardware upkeep for your team.

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