March 30, 2015

Peace of Mind, Courtesy of Managed Services

Laurent Slutzky


It is awe-inspiring to watch a child interact with a smartphone or a tablet. It is simply incredible to think about the fact that children born today only know a world in which massively powerful computing devices are not only ubiquitous, but can be held in their hands.

For the rest of us, transitioning from a world in which typing was a skill primarily required by administrative assistants to a world in which technology is not only essential in our daily lives, but fundamental to success in the business world has been a greater challenge.

The importance of technology can be stressful, especially when the difference between a successful quarter and a dismal one can be reliance on an IT infrastructure that you may or may not completely understand. While it is certainly important to continue learning about technology, managed services can ensure that your company has the IT infrastructure it needs to succeed regardless of your own understanding.

While there are plenty of benefits associated with using managed services (as we’ve discussed in prior posts) [link to prior posts here], one of the greatest benefits is the peace of mind and simplicity they provide on the user side. The following are just a few of the ways in which managed services can simplify your company’s IT infrastructure:

All data is backed up

One of the great benefits of having all critical company data backed up is not needing to worry about misplaced or failing hard drives. With data backed up remotely, your employees will never need to spend minutes (or hours!) searching for a lost USB drive or waiting for data to be recovered.

Global security threats are monitored on your behalf

There are more IT security threats than ever before, and it can be overwhelming for a company that does not specialize in IT to stay on top of the ever-evolving threats. Anti-virus software can help, but even those solutions require active monitoring and constant updates. With managed services, security threats are proactively monitored by your managed service team, and security patches are automatically pushed into your systems, without anything required on your part.

Compatibility issues are virtually non-existent

The other great benefit from managed services is the fact that all of the software and other assets provided by your managed services vendor will be 100% compatible. Instead of worrying about whether the software you purchased will be compatible with your computer systems, you can rest easy knowing that the software was already vetted by your managed service provider.

These are just a few of the ways in which a managed service provider can make your life easier. For more information, please feel free to contact us.


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